Models of Health Service Delivery report

Submitted by Dr. Blair Stanley

2017-18 Highlights

Dr. Blair Stanley

I am please to report that 2017-18 has been a very successful year for our team. As the Associate Director of REAP, a RCCbc Core Committee Member, and Co-Investigator of the Rural and Aboriginal eMentoring (RAeMBC) Program most of my efforts in 2017-18 have been in working with the RAeMBC Team. In November 2017, we managed to secure five (5) more years of funding for Rural and Aboriginal eMentoring with the generous support of the JSC. RAeMBC is a on-line mentoring program for high school students that focuses on supporting students to pursue careers in rural health care. We had a very successful pilot of the Program in 2017 with J.L.Crowe High School in Trail, BC. With the new funding we have already begun expanding the program to other communities (including First Nations communities) in BC. And, using the existing platform we are about the pilot a mentorship program for the Rural Pre-Med students at Selkirk College in Castlegar.

I would like to thank the members of our team who continue to work so passionately and diligently:

  • • Sandra Jarvis-Selinger, Associate Dean, Academic / Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Co-investigator Rural & Aboriginal eMentoring BC
  • • Quetzala Carson, Project Manager Rural & Aboriginal eMentoring BC
  • • Parvaneh Rahbar, Senior Administrative Coordinator, Faculty of Medicine
  • • Nahannee Schuitemaker, Research and Sustainability Director, Rural & Aboriginal eMentoring BC
  • • Katherine Wisener, Associate Director, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty Development
  • • Lisa Hetu, Administrative Manager, Rural Education Action Plan
  • • Hilary Kovach, Program Assistant, Rural Education Action Plan
  • • Ronnie Gant, UBC Med 2018, Chairperson Rural Medicine Interest Group

I would also like to report on the ongoing success of the REAP sponsored Conference Strategy. In particular we had a wonderfully successful “Rural Night” that was co-sponsored by the UBC Faculty of Medicine’s undergraduate Family Medicine Interest Group and the Rural Medicine Interest Group and REAP. This evening was hosted at the MSAC in Vancouver in February and included the myself and the following panel members:

  • • Dr. Jennifer Roger, Site Director, Rural Okanagan Site, UBC Postgraduate Family Medicine Program
  • • Dr. Kurt Deschner, UBC Family Medicine Resident Year 3, GP Anesthesia
  • • Dr. James Card, Rural Family Physician, Prince George / JSC Committee Member

The evening was well attended by medical students from Vancouver-Fraser and all the distributed sites who were linked in via videoconference. It was informative and fun and it was clear that students were very stimulated about rural opportunities.

Submitted by Dr. Alan Rabinowitz

2017-18 Highlights

Rural and the new St Paul’s Hospital (SPH) – working with two (2) colleagues co-appointed by the SPH physician engagement initiative to drive innovation, as well as link with rural stakeholders to discuss SPH’s new models of care.

Northern Health/SPH – met with Northern Health and Dr. Dave Snadden, Rural Doctors UBC Chair in Rural Health, to discuss areas of possible collaboration with SPH (possibly in the areas of cardiology and respirology). Currently awaiting Northern Health response regarding next steps.

Personalized medicine and digital – linking both SPH and UBC as founder members of the Supercluster to rural stakeholders. Work currently in progress as Supercluster initiative takes shape.

Global collaborations – increasing activities in South Africa, including engaging in Big Data and genomics innovation components projects with both Stellenbosch and Cape Town universities. Dr. Rabinowitz will be bringing these projects to the RCCbc Core table to discuss rural BC engagement with this work.