Rural Coordination Centre of BC2017-18 Year End Report
As we continue on the journey of improving the health of rural patients and communities with our partners, who are essential to our success, to me this year has been about setting our rural docs and their communities up for success.

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Dr. Ray Markham, Executive Director, RCCbc

RCCbc Sector Reports – Accomplishments in 2017-18

Specific Populations

This sector addresses Indigenous Health Initiatives, The CARE Course, the Enhanced Surgical Skills Network, the FP Anesthesia Network and the Rural Obstetrics Network.

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The Research, Evaluation and Quality Improvement (REQI) group undertakes REAP project progress and evaluation, literature reviews and background research on rural recruitment. The Rural Health Services Research Network of BC is part of this sector.

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Communiciations and Engagement

This sector discusses UBC Site Visit Program supports, Conference logistics, outreach to rural communities, and promotion of rural generalism.

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Recruitment and Retention

This sector oversees initiatives such as Physician Support Programs, the Practice Readiness Assessment BC program (PRA-BC). A summary of the REAP Annual Report is included in this sector.

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Models of Health Service Delivery

This sector summarizes initiatives involving Interprofessional Education, and Collaborative Practices involving teams, Big Data, and technology

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Education and Training

This sector summarizes the work of the GPA/Rural OB/ESS Collaborative, the Provincial Rural CPD Collaborative, and UBC Rural CPD. It also includes a report on the 2016 RECC Conference.

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Report to the UBC Faculty of Medicine from Dr. Dave Snadden,
Rural Doctors’ UBC Founding Chair in Rural Health

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